From Gordon Food Service Executives To Entrepreneurs and Innovation Experts, Our Mentors Are Leading The Food Industry

Our chosen startups receive exclusive access to Gordon Food Service’s top leaders as well as Relish Works and 1871’s network of successful entrepreneurs, innovation experts, and seasoned investors through the accelerator program.



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    Laura Habegger

    Laura Habegger

    Head of Food Foundry

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    Paige Ellen

    Paige Ellen

    Associate, Food Foundry

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    Mandy Tahvonen

    Mandy Tahvonen

    Executive Director, Relish Works

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    Mara Russo

    Mara Russo

    Design Strategy Lead, Relish Works

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    Stephanie Wethington

    Stephanie Wethington

    Design Strategy Lead, Relish Works

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    Nick Florek

    Nick Florek

    Advisor, Food Foundry


  • Rich Wolowski

    Rich Wolowski

    Chief Executive Officer – Gordon Food Service

  • Betsy Ziegler

    Betsy Ziegler

    Chief Executive Officer – 1871

  • Rebecca Sholiton Kahnweiler

    Rebecca Sholiton Kahnweiler

    Strategy Consultant, Entrepreneur in Residence

  • Rachael Feuerborn

    Rachael Feuerborn

    Entrepreneur-in-residence, 1871

  • John Powers

    John Powers

    Director, Donovan Food Brokerage, Entrepreneur in Residence

  • Chris Freeman

    Chris Freeman

    VP, Entrepreneurial & Growth, Colliers International, Entrepreneur in Residence

  • Shayna Harris

    Shayna Harris

    Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Supply Change Capital, Entrepreneur in Residence

  • Noramay Cadena

    Noramay Cadena

    Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Supply Change Capital, Entrepreneur in Residence

  • Troy Henikoff

    Troy Henikoff

    Managing Director – MATH Venture Partners

  • Alisha Cieslak

    Alisha Cieslak

    Chief Legal & Risk Officer - Gordon Food Service

  • Tyler Booth

    Tyler Booth

    Investment Lead, Relish Works

  • Rumaisa Mughal

    Rumaisa Mughal

    Pilot Program Manager, Relish Works

  • Kyle Welch

    Kyle Welch

    President, Chicago Scoops LLC

  • Joe Mott

    Joe Mott

    Senior Manager, Sales Support and Enablement

  • Stephen Gaither

    Stephen Gaither

    Chief Marketing Officer, C.A. Fortune Message

  • Kelly Smallegan-Maas

    Kelly Smallegan-Maas

    Digital Marketing Manager, North America, Gordon Food Service

  • Luke Saunders

    Luke Saunders

    Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Farmer's Fridge

  • Jeff Maddox

    Jeff Maddox

    Chief Financial Officer, Gordon Food Service

  • Ashley Hartman

    Ashley Hartman

    Senior Principal, Bluestein Ventures

  • Adam Niemur

    Adam Niemur

    Director of Digital Experience, North America, Gordon Food Service

  • Suneet Lad

    Suneet Lad

    Head of Client Engagement & Strategic Partnerships, Aclara Research

  • Audre Kapacinskas

    Audre Kapacinskas

    Vice President, S2G Ventures

  • Bob Gillespie

    Bob Gillespie

    Serial Entrepreneur

  • Nathan Cooper

    Nathan Cooper

    Managing Partner, Barrel Ventures

  • Mark Eriks

    Mark Eriks

    Chief Supply Chain Officer – Gordon Food Service

  • Disha Gulati

    Disha Gulati

    CEO and Founder, Virtual Dining Chicago

  • Patrick Yovanov

    Patrick Yovanov

    Creative Lead, Relish Works

  • Steve Tompos

    Steve Tompos

    Managing Director, Strategic Partnerships, Cleveland Avenue

  • Carleigh Connelly

    Carleigh Connelly

    Hospitality Brand Strategist

  • Reid Lappin

    Reid Lappin

    Chief Executive Officer – Vokal

  • Greg Robbins

    Greg Robbins

    Managing Member, Erraza LLC

  • Joe Shenton

    Joe Shenton

    Partner, Summit Trail Advisors

  • Dinsh Guzdar

    Dinsh Guzdar

    President, f' real foods

  • Andrew F. Dickow

    Andrew F. Dickow

    Managing Director, Greenwich Capital Group

  • Tony Owen

    Tony Owen

    Managing Partner, Frontera Hospitality Group; and President, DOM Capital Group

  • Pat Riley

    Pat Riley

    Chief Executive Officer, GAN

  • Alex Castrounis

    Alex Castrounis

    Founder and CEO, Why of AI and InnoArchiTech

  • Anna Sullivan

    Anna Sullivan

    Founder & CEO, The Creative Exchange

  • Jared Cohen

    Jared Cohen

    Chief Operating Officer, Protein Bar & Kitchen